Three Green Ideas for Designing Your Custom Home

Every home is unique; so is every homeowner. Custom homes are even more unique: the plot size, shape and design will vary from person to person. While building its reputation for custom home designs in Toronto, Tribus Homes has discovered three green ideas for custom home projects.

Here are a few things you should consider when you start your custom home building project.

Let the Sunlight In


Lighting is one of the most important parts of a home, and most custom designs emphasize natural light. A well lit home looks beautiful, and gives people a more positive “vibe”. The natural light also helps reduce energy consumption; you’ll require less artificial lighting and, often, less heating during those cold Ontario winters.

Create Your Energy-Efficient Home

Reducing our carbon footprint is a good idea, and the Tribus Homes team has seen how energy-efficient custom home designs in Toronto help customers achieve that. Using insulation bricks and blocks during construction can significantly reduce your heating bill, reducing your energy usage and carbon footprint. The initial expense will pay for itself in no time.

Consider Water Conservation

Water conservation is important as well, and one solution we’ve seen in many custom home designs in the GTA is the installation of rainwater harvesting systems. If you have a large enough plot, it can really help with your water consumption: another great custom design idea!

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