Decluttering: How to make your new custom-built or renovated home “spark joy”

Thanks to designers and consultants like Marie Kondo, decluttering is a popular topic. Everybody is looking at their possessions and asking themselves Kondo’s famous question: “does this spark joy?”

No two people will have the same answer. Not only is everybody unique, but your possessions—whether it’s a piece of furniture or a treasured knickknack—is a part of your home. A home isn’t just a house, and it isn’t just the furniture or the people, either: it’s the combination of the house, the furniture, your family’s possessions, and the people who live there. A beautifully decorated, organized home will keep you energized and full of positivity.

At Tribus Homes, the leading builder of custom built homes in Toronto and home renovations in Toronto, we’ve helped people build and renovate homes that don’t just spark joy, but fill people with joy. In that time, we’ve learned that it’s not just about the house, but what’s inside it, and we’ve got three tips for decluttering in ways that spark real joy in a homeowner.

(1) Design with your treasured possessions in mind

Tribus Homes works with both skilled designers and our clients to create their dream home. Your home should be built in a way that represents what you love, and the kind of person you are. Treasured possessions can be a part of that, as can possessions that are simply required for utility’s sake.

When designing your new or renovated home, consider your possessions. For treasured possessions, think about how your home can be designed to complement them and vice-versa. For utilitarian possessions, consider your storage options, like closets, crawlspaces, finished basements, or even cupboards.

(2) Take the opportunity to declutter

A new or renovated home is a major change: that is why we take care to work with homeowners when building or renovating homes. But it’s also a good opportunity to declutter.

As you begin sorting and packing your possessions, consider what you may want to keep, and what you may no longer really need. Does this gift from your aunt spark joy? Do you really want to keep those extra corroded spoons? Are you ever going to need an iPhone 3GS charger?

But if you find something that you’d forgotten about, something that you truly treasure, it may be time to take it out of the closet and have it be part of your experience of your new or renovated home.

(3) Think about your new possessions

After you move into your new custom-built or renovated home, you’ll want to consider new possessions. If they’re purely for utility, think about where and how you’ll store them out of sight. Do they belong in the basement, or an easily accessible drawer or cupboard? If they look good, consider how they’ll fit into your home. Do they fit your home’s aesthetic? Which room would they look best in? How will their presence in your home make you and your family feel? Will their presence energize or exhaust you?

Begin your Custom Home or Home Renovation journey today

While you consider what possessions make you feel joy, you can start planning your new custom home or home renovation. The trusted team at Tribus Homes will help you create a home that that reflects your unique needs and preferences. Call now, and take the first step towards a home that gives you joy each and every day.

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