You’re unique, and your home should be too.

At Tribus Homes, we’ve been building custom homes for decades, and we know that no two homeowners are alike. You don’t want just any home: you want your home, and you’ve got a vision for building it from the ground up.

But you know you can’t do it alone. You need help. You need someone you can rely on, and here at Tribus, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

  • Our team will work with you to bring out your vision of your new home. We’ll look at your needs, your desires, and your budget, and bring them together to create a plan for your new dream home.
  • Then, we’ll analyze the time and resources required, and tell you exactly what to expect. No surprises.
  • We’ll bring together our team of skilled construction specialists that will be bringing your vision to life.
  • Our project management specialists will supervise the build, ensuring that it fits your specifications. We’ll keep you in the loop the whole way. Again: no surprises.
  • When that’s done, we’ll work with you to make any necessary small changes, to ensure that your new home is exactly right.
It’s time to start building the home that you deserve. Call us now to get started.

Tribus Homes

Our Mission and Vision

We work with our clients to turn their dream homes into a reality, by using our decades of homebuilding expertise and our commitment to strong customer-service relationships.