Five reasons to add a dedicated home office to your new home

In the fall of 2020, one of the biggest trends in people’s homes…is people spending the day in their homes. Due to COVID-19, many people across the GTA are now working from home—either because they need to, or simply because they come to appreciate the value of working from home. Many are already planning to […]

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How Virtual Reality Could Help Build Your New Custom Home

Here at Tribus Homes, Toronto’s premiere custom home builder and home renovation specialists, we’re always looking for new ways to help people plan out their new homes. Our clients work together with architects, engineers, and skilled contractors to plan our their new home. But what if you could see your new custom or renovated home, […]

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One weird question we get: “why is the wood shed cold?”

One thing that we’ve learned here at Tribus…is to expect a lot of questions!  That’s what comes with being Toronto home renovation experts and custom home experts. We love finding out about our clients’ knowledge, expertise and insights, and our clients are often eager to learn about ours. So this holiday season, here’s a common […]

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Three Ways to Make Your Home Suitable for Retirement

Tribus Homes has a lot of experience with the various reasons why people build custom homes and home renovations in Toronto. Sometimes, it’s simply because they feel like it’s time for a change. Other times, it can be because their success and prosperity have given then the opportunity to live in their dream home.  Often, […]

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Our Mission and Vision

We work with our clients to turn their dream homes into a reality, by using our decades of homebuilding expertise and our commitment to strong customer-service relationships.