Three Striking Kitchen Appliance Choices

At Tribus Homes, Toronto’s top builder of custom homes and home renovations, we see a lot of people talking about their dream homes. One of the most important rooms, always, is the kitchen. While people don’t necessarily spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it often ends up being the centerpiece of a home. A good kitchen will help define the entire look of your home, and it’s a way to express yourself. 

One way that we’ve seen that people express themselves is through their choice of appliances. So, this time around, we’re looking at four appliance choices that can help you express yourself and make cooking even more exciting.

#1 Sous Vide Machine

Good Housekeeping pointed to Sous Vide as “the latest trend sweeping the food world”.It involves putting food in a sealed bag and immersing it in a water bath that cooks it slowly and evenly. The benefit of cooking this way is that the food is never overdone, and (especially with meats) is often incredibly tender. Restaurants often rely on Sous Vide machines to create a perfect steak; they’ll cool the steak in a Sous Vide machine for long periods of time, then bring it out and sear the outside to make it finished. 

The two kinds of Sous Vide machines are Sous Vide ovens, which are entire machines dedicated to this kind of slow cooking and immersion circulators, which allow you to use your own cookware for the task. While immersion circulators are great for saving space, as a statement choice, you may want to consider a full-sized sous vide oven. 

#2 Built In Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a staple in almost every home, and you probably see it as a great way to start off the morning. But for a truly arresting statement, consider something like the Thermador Built-In Coffee Machine. The Thermadors fit into the wall and are plumbed for water and drain, and self-rinse at turn-on and turn-off. They even grind the coffee themselves! Imagine what your guests will say when they ask for a cup of decaf.

#3 Undercounter Refrigerator

A fridge is a well-known and familiar staple in every home. But consider this: you don’t have to have just the one. During a custom build or home renovation by skilled contractors like Tribus Homes, you can install fridges wherever you like, and a growing trend is to place fridges where you’d never expect them! Freezer makers like Sub-Zero can create fridges that sit underneath your counters, in your island, or even in other parts of the home. Want a fridge in your home theatre for beverages and snacks, or discrete freezer drawers? We can absolutely help you with that!

These are just three examples, of course. The important thing is that there are many, many more options for your kitchen than just the standard oven/range/fridge/microwave. When you’re building or renovating your dream home, let your imagination run wild, and create a kitchen that will truly make a statement. Reach out on our contact form, or call us at 416-645-0565 , to get started.

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