One weird question we get: “why is the wood shed cold?”

One thing that we’ve learned here at Tribus…is to expect a lot of questions! 

That’s what comes with being Toronto home renovation experts and custom home experts. We love finding out about our clients’ knowledge, expertise and insights, and our clients are often eager to learn about ours.

So this holiday season, here’s a common winter-time question that we often get asked during a cold Toronto winter: “why is it that wood storage tends not to be heated?” 

If you’ve ever dealt with home renovations yourself, or even talked with expert contractors about the process, you’ll likely know what we mean. A contractor will order some wood for your new or renovated home, they’ll go to pick it up, and the area where the wood is stored tends to be un-heated and un-air-conditioned. 

“Why is that?” You may ask. The answer: wood grows! Yes, even after it’s been cut! 

The wooden planks and beams that are a part of almost every home renovation and custom home in Toronto will slowly grow or shrink as the weather changes. Things like temperature, humidity, exposure to sunlight; all of those things can change the size and shape of a piece of wood. Modern construction materials are made to resist these effects, but it’s still something that an expert contractor needs to consider. 

When a contractor gets the wood for your new custom home or home renovation, they don’t want wood that will quickly change shape once its exposed to seasonal weather. Building a home takes time, and if the wood changes shape while it’s being built—before it’s protected by the home exterior and the home’s insulation—that could create problems. 

So, the wood stays at a seasonal temperature: warm in the summer, cool in the spring and fall. 

That’s just one of the small details that our expert contractors have learned over the years that they’ve been building Toronto custom homes and home renovations. To learn more about our founders, click here. When you’re ready to build your new home, or even if you have a question, give us a call at (416)-645-0565 or contact us using this form.

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