How Virtual Reality Could Help Build Your New Custom Home

Here at Tribus Homes, Toronto’s premiere custom home builder and home renovation specialists, we’re always looking for new ways to help people plan out their new homes. Our clients work together with architects, engineers, and skilled contractors to plan our their new home.

But what if you could see your new custom or renovated home, travel through it, even place furniture…long before it’s actually built? It’s possible! Using VR and AR solutions, people are already starting to see their home long before it’s built. In this entry, we’re going to discuss a few ways that it may help you with your new home…

What’s AR and VR?

Most of you probably know what VR stands for. It’s “virtual reality”, where you put on a headset that completely shuts out the outside world, and you use head movement and special controllers to move around a virtual space. VR had improved tremendously in the last few years; instead of blocky cubes and heavy helmets, new VR devices are getting smaller and lighter, have better graphics, can track your movement around a whole room, and have controllers that can sense your finger movements and have realistic grip.

“AR”, “Augmented Reality” is a bit different. You still see the real world, but with other stuff added in digitally; like a picture that’s been digitally edited but in realtime. There are special glasses and headsets that are being made for augmented reality, but it isn’t even really necessary. There are a lot of applications that use augmented reality on phones right now, including popular games like Pokemon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. They add virtual monsters and wizards and spells onto the real world.

But how can they help you build your new custom home or new home renovation?

Virtual Custom Homes

Imagine walking through your new custom home in Toronto before it’s built!

Early on, when you’re working with an expert custom home builder like Tribus Homes, one of the most difficult parts is planning out exactly what you want your new home to look like. Working with expert architects, planners, engineers and contractors, we’ll help you to envision your new dream home.

But in the future, companies like ours may be able to simply take the plans, put them into architectural or 3D modelling software, and create a representation of what your new home will look like. You’ll be able to go through, see what’s going on, and perhaps even discuss changes on the go. Want to change the breakfast nook? Want to see what it would look like as open-concept? Want to see where the structural elements are that should remain in place, and what can be changed around more easily? With the touch of a VR controller, it should be possible!

Augmented Reality: A New or Renovated Home…Through Your Phone!

There are other options available using augmented reality. Since you can use a simple smartphone as an augmented reality tool, it lets you look at different possibilities for a space that already exists.

Do you want to see a model of your new dream custom home in Toronto on a table? Do you want to go out to the lot and see what it will look like with the new home? Or, while you’re working with an expert Toronto home renovator like Tribus Homes, perhaps you want to go into your own home and see what it will look like after bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, or more extensive renovations? That’s possible too!

Just look through your phone, and you could see what your new kitchen cabinets, your new walk-in tub, or your new bathroom podium will look like. And if you change your mind, you can see a new one, instantly, without the expense of a new installation!

Come Talk With us About the Present and Future of Custom Homes and Home Renovations

At Tribus Homes, we’re always keeping an eye on the future of the industry. These are just a few ideas for how AR and VR could be used in the future for custom homes and home renovations. If you’d like to hear more, call us at (416) 645-0565, or contact us on our contact page. Come in and chat with us about what the future of your dream home!

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