Four Key Ideas When Building Your New Family Home

Here at Tribus Homes, Toronto home renovation specialists and custom home builders, we know that family is often a major factor when you decide to change or expand your home. Children have their own needs, just like adults, and parents want a home that will enrich their children’s lives, help keep them safe, and be somewhere that they can feel welcomed and comfortable.

When our expert team of architects, structural engineers and contractors work with clients to determine their needs and design their home, we always keep family in mind. Even if a client doesn’t have a family now, they may have one later, and it always pays to plan ahead.

With that in mind, here are some things that we’ve seen as helpful when planning and designing a home for your whole family.

Kid-friendly Kitchens

A growing family is going to involve a lot of work in the kitchen, and kids love to join their parents while they’re cooking. That’s why we believe that a large open-concept kitchen is often a good idea for parents, giving you space for a large table, an island, and plenty of space for kids to move around while their parents can keep an eye on them. An island can also be an ideal place for kids to do homework, and an eat-in kitchen can keep things informal and welcoming.

It’s also a good idea to keep things relatively simple. Fancy tile, cabinets and countertops may look great, but may require maintenance and upkeep that really aren’t going to be the highest priority for busy parents. Consider investing your budget elsewhere, like in a bigger pantry to fit your expanded food requirements.

Hardwood floors

The traditional choice for a family home is wall-to-wall carpeting, but that may not be the best choice for your family. Mildew, mold, dust and pet dander can end up in the carpet and trigger allergies or asthma in children. We recommend hardwood floors to our clients. Plus, wooden floors are much easier to clean, and that’s going to be really important with kids around!

(And unlike vinyl, they don’t emit any volatile organic compounds that children may react to.)

Still, in playrooms, family rooms and nurseries, having soft flooring is important In these cases, consider pairing the hardwood floors with area rugs. Look for eco-friendly area rugs that use natural fibres like organic cotton and wool. And below-grade, you may still want to consider tile flooring.

Family Bathrooms

When we’re planning your custom home or renovated home, we always make sure that bathrooms are a key consideration. You’ll want to have one bathroom that’s the dedicated “kid’s bathroom” that can adapt as they grow. It should feature durable, long-lasting countertop materials, like quartz, and durable tiles that won’t become slippery when they get wet. It should also have ample storage space so that kids have their own assigned areas.

You may also want to consider just how many bathrooms and washrooms you’ll have. As more children live in your home, you’re going to want to avoid conflicts over bathroom access. The more bathrooms, the better!

Landscaping for your family

While we’re helping our clients in Toronto create their new custom home or home renovation, we always keep the landscaping in mind. That’s never more important than when it comes to your family! You’ll want front and back yards that maximize the use of space, ones that are welcome outdoor play areas for children that still work well as places to relax and entertain as adults.

Safety is also important, though. When building or recreating your landscaping, you should focus on filling out holes and avoiding any other uneven landscaping, so as to prevent tripping hazards. Gardens will need fences, and you may want to create a fenced off area (or even greenhouse) that keeps plans away from inquisitive kids.

You’ll also want to either cover or fence off the pool. Kids love pools, but should never be unsupervised.

That’s just the start, of course. Here at Tribus Home, we’re proud of our experience in building custom homes and home renovations, and we’re happy to work with you to design a family-friendly home that you, your children, and maybe even your grandchildren will treasure. Contact us or give us a call today, and we’ll start you on your way to creating your family home.

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