Five reasons to add a dedicated home office to your new home

In the fall of 2020, one of the biggest trends in people’s homes…is people spending the day in their homes. Due to COVID-19, many people across the GTA are now working from home—either because they need to, or simply because they come to appreciate the value of working from home. Many are already planning to transition to working from home full-time. 

At Tribus Homes, Toronto’s leader in custom home building and home renovations, our business works a little differently. We’re out there on the construction site, day after day, helping to build people’s dream homes. But, despite that, we know that changing work conditions are going to affect how people see and use their homes. We want to make sure that families are as comfortable working from home as they are sleeping, eating, and playing in their homes. 

We think that, when you’re renovating, you should consider adding a dedicated home office. And these are five of the reasons we’re confident it’ll be a great addition to your home.

No distractions

The first reason is the most obvious: you won’t have any distractions. Ontarians who are shifting to working from home are discovering that working from home is often not easy. If you’re working in your living room, dining room or kitchen, you have a lot of distractions around you. 

You’ll see things that you might want to do instead of a tough work task—like watching TV, reading a book, or even simply having a conversation with a member of your family. Even worse, though, you’ll see other things that may need doing around the home. Maybe the living room needs a bit of a cleanup, or there’s a few dishes in the kitchen, or you see dust on the mantlepiece, or your children are struggling through some schoolwork. 

Those are things that you shouldn’t be focusing on during work hours, just like the fun stuff…but it can be maddeningly difficult. Having a dedicated home office means that you can shut out those distractions. Once that door closes…you’re at work. 

Able to keep home/work division separated

There’s more to it than that, though. We often have a different mindset when we’re at work than when we’re at home. Home is the place where we relax, take a load off, focus on our hobbies and families. Work is where we focus on producing, and where we spend our days advancing our careers and achieving our ambitions. Both advancing your career and relaxing at home are equally important, and help support each other, but they can be very difficult to do at the same time.

That’s another reason having a separate home office is a great idea. When you enter that room and close that door, you’re at work, and can get into a workplace mindset. Couple it with wearing proper work clothes, and you can definitely get in the proper mindset.

Keep your work stuff together and accessible

This is important too. Working out of your kitchen, dining room, or even one of the bedrooms may make it tricky to keep all your necessary documents and supplies together. You’ll need a room that’s the right size and shape not just for a desk and comfortable chair (always remember a comfortable chair!) but for filing cabinets and supply storage. 

Rummaging around the house for what you need is inefficient and, again, exposes you to all the distractions of the home. Keeping your work-related material in your office keeps it accessible and keeps you focused. 

Save on heating and cooling (heating/cooling one small room instead of whole dining room/kitchen

This may not seem as obvious, but when the weather is really hot or cold, you can actually save money with a home office. Heating (or cooling) one room in the house will be far less expensive, and take far less time and energy, than heating the whole living room, dining room, or kitchen. This is especially important as you’ll be using that heat (or air conditioning) during the day when electricity is at its priciest. And if you are wearing work clothes in your office, you may want it at a different temperature than the rest of your house in any case. 

(A) Room for expansion

Maybe you aren’t working from home right now. You may be like Tribus owners David, Randy and Mike, who are out working with our skilled contractors on the job site on a weekly and (sometimes) daily basis. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned this year, it’s that you never know what the future will bring. Even if you don’t need a home office now, including one in your dream home’s plans will ensure that you’re prepared when the situation changes. And, worst case scenario, you could repurpose the room until then: using it as a library, as a den, as a playroom, and even a room for newborns that’s easily accessible from the main living areas. 

So when you’re ready to explore options to more effectively work from your new dream home, make sure to call the team of home building experts at Tribus Homes. Reach out through our contact page, or by calling us at (416) 645-0565. We’ll set up a consultation, and start you on the road to having the dream home that you deserve.

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