Choosing skylights for your new custom home

You Love Skylights!

You all may have seen David Godfrey’s Facebook Live walkthrough of one of Tribus Homes’ new Toronto custom homes, where he was showing off the gorgeous skylights and how they lit up the house with natural light even on a cloudy day.

(If you have seen it yet, click here.)

First question: what kind of Skylight should you get?

Since the response was so positive, the Tribus Team thought that we would help you discover how skylights can be a part of your new custom or renovated home. Well be looking at everything to do with skylights, and this time we’re answering a simple question: what type of skylight should it be?

There’s three main types of skylight: fixed skylights, vented skylights, and the lesser-known “light tunnels”. Each type has their place, and you might choose any of every type for your custom home or home renovation.

Vented Skylights

Vented skylights are the type that open up, usually from one side. They allow for extra ventilation when needed, while being able to seal it against bad weather. They are generally flat skylights owing to the need to open—we’ll talk about skylight shapes in another entry—and can be mounted flush to the roof with “deck” mounting or stand out a bit using “curb” mounting.

They can be opened and closed manually, but many can be either electrically or solar-powered, and even connected to a sensor that automatically closes them during bad weather.

Fixed Skylights

Fixed skylights are what you may expect—skylights that don’t open. This does mean they can’t provide ventilation, but it also means that they can come in a near infinite variety of shapes and sizes.

Most of the truly visually breathtaking skylights you see in fancy custom homes are fixed skylights. A simple dome plexiglass skylight will likely be a fixed skylight as well.

The “Light Tunnel”

The most unique type of skylight is a light tunnel. While most skylights look like windows, a light tunnel (or sun tunnel) is actually a mirrored tube that channels light from the roof (whether angled or flat) to the inside rooms.

This could be a valuable addition to your new custom house or home renovation. Edit they won’t work as windows, they let you add natural light to almost any room in your home with minimal effect on the roof’s aesthetics. The inside port of a sun tunnel can look almost like a large light fixture, but providing healthy sunlight instead of sometimes-harsh artificial light.

This is especially popular with bathrooms with no outer wall exposure, but can also brighten up a first-floor kitchen or living room!

Reach Out Now!

As you saw in David’s video, we love skylights here at Tribus Homes. We think it’s a great way to add a lot of natural light to your home, which is important in a city like Toronto. So when we’re helping a homeowner build their dream home, or to renovate their existing home into a dream home, we work with them to see how skylights can help brighten things up.

There’s a lot more we have to say about skylights, and we’ll be doing that soon. In the meantime, though, give us a call at 416-645-0565 or send us a message using our contact page. We’ll reach out, and chat with you about how we can make your home dreams come true.

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