Choosing a Skylight: What are skylights made of exactly?

Last time in our series on how skylights can brighten up your new custom home or home renovation in Toronto, we talked about the different types of skylights you’ll see: fixed, vented, or “sun tunnel” skylights. This week, the Tribus Team is looking at a different question: what are skylights actually made from? Is it […]

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Choosing skylights for your new custom home

You Love Skylights! You all may have seen David Godfrey’s Facebook Live walkthrough of one of Tribus Homes’ new Toronto custom homes, where he was showing off the gorgeous skylights and how they lit up the house with natural light even on a cloudy day. (If you have seen it yet, click here.) First question: […]

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David Godfrey’s Walkthrough of One of Our Latest Projects

Tribus’ own David Godfrey has been making a ton of Facebook Live videos over on our Facebook page. Here’s his most recent video, where he’s doing a walkthrough of one of our latest projects: a Toronto home renovation. He’s talking about the windows, the layout, and how skylights can make a house beautifully bright even […]

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Five Vital Additions for Your New Home Office

So you’ve decided to work from home, and you’re looking to put together your home office. But what to put in it? What’s the priority? Here at Tribus Homes, Toronto’s premiere custom home builders and home renovators, we’re hearing from a lot of people who are looking to convert part of their homes into a […]

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Five reasons to add a dedicated home office to your new home

In the fall of 2020, one of the biggest trends in people’s homes…is people spending the day in their homes. Due to COVID-19, many people across the GTA are now working from home—either because they need to, or simply because they come to appreciate the value of working from home. Many are already planning to […]

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4 Reasons to pay attention to your heating and air conditioning when you renovate

At Tribus Homes, Toronto’s premier custom home builder and home renovations experts, one of the things we pay a lot of attention to is heating and cooling. Whether you and your family are working, relaxing, learning, playing or sleeping in your home, you want to be comfortable. A home that’s too hot, or too cold, […]

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Tribus Salutes Ontario for Fighting COVID-19

We know these have been difficult times. For the last few months, people in Toronto in Ontario and around the world have been working hard to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Brave frontline workers in our hospitals have been working hard to diagnose people, often at the risk of their own health. Doctors and nurses […]

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In-Floor Heating for Your New Custom Home

Dreading a Cold Floor? Three things you need to know about in-floor heating Picture this: you wake up on a cold February morning in Toronto in your new luxury custom home. You used to always dread the moment where you get out of bed and step onto that icy-cold floor…but, instead, you get the luxurious […]

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Three Striking Kitchen Appliance Choices

At Tribus Homes, Toronto’s top builder of custom homes and home renovations, we see a lot of people talking about their dream homes. One of the most important rooms, always, is the kitchen. While people don’t necessarily spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it often ends up being the centerpiece of a home. […]

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How Virtual Reality Could Help Build Your New Custom Home

Here at Tribus Homes, Toronto’s premiere custom home builder and home renovation specialists, we’re always looking for new ways to help people plan out their new homes. Our clients work together with architects, engineers, and skilled contractors to plan our their new home. But what if you could see your new custom or renovated home, […]

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Our Mission and Vision

We work with our clients to turn their dream homes into a reality, by using our decades of homebuilding expertise and our commitment to strong customer-service relationships.