In-Floor Heating for Your New Custom Home

(Over the next few weeks, we’ll be revealing some insights into home heating. This week, we’re looking into something you may not have considered…) Dreading a Cold Floor? Three things you need to know about in-floor heating Picture this: you wake up on a cold February morning in Toronto in your new luxury custom home. […]

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How Virtual Reality Could Help Build Your New Custom Home

Here at Tribus Homes, Toronto’s premiere custom home builder and home renovation specialists, we’re always looking for new ways to help people plan out their new homes. Our clients work together with architects, engineers, and skilled contractors to plan our their new home. But what if you could see your new custom or renovated home, […]

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Four ways to speed up your custom home build

Custom home building and home renovation isn’t a simple business. Here at Tribus Homes, Toronto’s experts in custom home building, we know that there are a lot of things to take into account. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve spent so much time developing strong relationships with skilled architects, experienced designers and engineers, and […]

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One weird question we get: “why is the wood shed cold?”

One thing that we’ve learned here at Tribus…is to expect a lot of questions!  That’s what comes with being Toronto home renovation experts and custom home experts. We love finding out about our clients’ knowledge, expertise and insights, and our clients are often eager to learn about ours. So this holiday season, here’s a common […]

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Three Ways to Make Your Home Suitable for Retirement

Tribus Homes has a lot of experience with the various reasons why people build custom homes and home renovations in Toronto. Sometimes, it’s simply because they feel like it’s time for a change. Other times, it can be because their success and prosperity have given then the opportunity to live in their dream home.  Often, […]

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These window choices will help your home save you money

Have you ever thought about your home’s windows, and what effect they have on your lifestyle and budget? Here at Tribus Homes, Toronto’s leading custom home builder and home renovation experts, we pay attention to details. We work with expert contractors and builders to make sure that every detail is perfect. Your home’s windows are […]

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A New Tribus Home, and a New Tribus Success Story!

We’ve started a new custom home for a Tribus Homes client. Even though it’s still early days, we’re already working to solve problems. One particular problem shows just how valuable it is to know the right people for the job. In this case, it helped us to protect the health of our workers and the […]

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How to Find Great Custom Home Ideas

At Tribus Homes, we specialize in designing and building custom homes and home renovations in Toronto and the GTA. Our founders have spent decades designing and building custom homes and extensive home renovations for hundreds of satisfied families. We’re proud of our ability to bring your vision of home to life. Are you looking to […]

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Four Key Ideas When Building Your New Family Home

Here at Tribus Homes, Toronto home renovation specialists and custom home builders, we know that family is often a major factor when you decide to change or expand your home. Children have their own needs, just like adults, and parents want a home that will enrich their children’s lives, help keep them safe, and be […]

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Three bathroom remodelling ideas you’ll love

The bathroom is an often-overlooked part of your home. It’s still incredibly valuable, though. It’s one of the most intimate parts of your home, and it’s often a sanctuary after a hard day. You deserve bathrooms that you can be proud of. At Tribus Homes, custom home and home renovation experts in Toronto, we work […]

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Our Mission and Vision

We work with our clients to turn their dream homes into a reality, by using our decades of homebuilding expertise and our commitment to strong customer-service relationships.