A New Tribus Home, and a New Tribus Success Story!

We’ve started a new custom home for a Tribus Homes client. Even though it’s still early days, we’re already working to solve problems. One particular problem shows just how valuable it is to know the right people for the job. In this case, it helped us to protect the health of our workers and the environment!

Here’s the story…

We’re working with a couple [name] and [name], in the North York part of Toronto. They were looking to do a complete tear-down and rebuild, turning their family home into a new custom home. After working with them to determine their needs, we began the project. 

Right away, however, we ran into a potential roadblock. Our excavator knew that—because it was an older house—the project was going to require a “DSS report”: a report that investigates whether there are any hazardous substances in the house that might affect the homeowners, the workers, or the environment.

We knew it was important for the safety of our workers and the environment, but we also knew that the homeowners and contractors wanted to get started. The report could take 5-7 business days, and holding up everybody’s schedule as they waited to get it done. 

Fortunately, David’s been in the business a long time, and already knew a company that did this work from a previous commercial building renovation. He contacted them, told them about the situation, and they agreed to help. 

As it turned out, David had found the right people for the job. Instead of taking 5 business days, they moved quickly and efficiently. They got the investigation done and the report written in a single day. Amazing!

They did their job well, too, identifying some issues that needed resolution. So, right afterwards, we reached out to some local companies to remove the hazardous materials. We told them about the situation, and they joined us at the site to get the materials out. As of yesterday, the site’s been given the “all clear”. We saved time, effort, and our clients’ money—all while protecting our workers’ and the environment’s health.  

Now, we’re already starting demolition of the old house. We can’t wait to get started on this new home. Sure, there may be other problems. That’s part of the job!  And when they come up, we’ll draw on our years of experience and networks of professionals to get them solved and get our clients’ dream house built. 

Our Mission and Vision

We work with our clients to turn their dream homes into a reality, by using our decades of homebuilding expertise and our commitment to strong customer-service relationships.